Earn While You Learn

• A nationally acclaimed educational program designed to help parents be the best parent they can be. Earn While You Learn is a program that allows you to earn credits that you can use to “purchase” materials like maternity clothes, baby clothes, blankets, diapers, formula, baby equipment, baby furniture, and much needed supplies. This program makes a positive impact on the lives of young mothers and a lifelong impact on their children.

• Pregnancy and parenting are filled with lots of uncertainty. This program helps to answer many of the questions you have and ease your anxiety.

• Earn While You Learn will help you to understand what to expect in pregnancy and beyond. Through regular lessons that include videos and worksheets, you’ll learn important and interesting information about your pregnancy and your baby.

• There are a number of topics to choose from and our staff will put together a lesson plan that is unique to your needs and stage of pregnancy.
We are able to provide support and resources during this time of transition and change. Many people want to learn how to be good parents and raise a healthy, happy child.

“This program has been a blessing for me. I am expecting my fourth child and I have learned so much I never knew about. I have the ability to learn and to earn Mommy Money to be able to purchase anything from diapers and clothes to car seats. This program has helped me and everyone is so wonderful here.”
——–Deena, Mother of 3 children, expecting the 4th